POET/Michael Silverstein

A Passionate Congressman to His Constituents

Come vote for me and back my run,
And once this next election’s won,
For your int’rests I will slave,
Never acting like a knave.

I’ll balance ev’ry yearly budget,
And never, never, never fudge it;
I’ll keep a tight lid on your taxes,
Even as your income waxes.

I’ll get you medicine for free,
Protect Social Security;
For your pet peeves I’ll play the cupid,
No matter how inane or stupid.

When terrorists cause nasty shocks,
I’ll hunt them down and punch their clocks;
Bad CEOs will feel my wrath;
Until they learn an honest math.

Your special needs I won’t forget,
Be you soccer mom or vet;
And woe to those who soft drugs peddle,
Unless that’s you, then I won’t meddle.

My opponent’s ads are hokum,
All his promises he’s broken.
Believe me—you don’t want that bum;
So vote for me and back my run.

Mike Silverstein died Sept. 27. His widow, Kay Wood, said this 2008 poem was among his favorites. See more of his work at wallstreetpoet.com.

From The Progressive Populist, November 15, 2016


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