The Fix Is In … Or Is It?


For all of you cynical idealists praying for redemption, this burning question fits nicely with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ frequent exhortation, which maintains the system is rigged against the 99%. Being of like mind, it’s really easy to look upon the current race between the Democratic Socialist and the Queen of Quid Pro Quo ending as result of a foregone collusion.

One look at the results from the first two contests reveals the bitter truth. Bernie wins New Hampshire and virtually ties Hillary in Iowa. However, one can only hope Sanders’ quest isn’t akin to shoveling doo-doo against the tide. For all of his success, particularly in New Hampshire, Bernie lags behind Clinton in the total delegate count.

It is noteworthy that the Vermont Senator has implemented a strategy intended to flip many of the super delegates, committed or not. But the numbers cannot tell a lie right now. Of the 712 super delegates, consisting mainly of the members truest to the Democrat Party’s establishment, she already has amassed 420 while Sanders has 14 in his corner. Of the 44 Democratic US senators, 39 have pledged for Clinton. Of the 188 Democratic US Representatives, 159 have cast their lot with her.

Nonetheless, Bernie sojourns on with every expectation he can overcome this yuge (sic) deficit. He is closing the gap in South Carolina and is tied in one recent Nevada poll. But don’t forget how he slaughtered Clinton in New Hampshire and they come out of the contest tied in the state’s delegate count. What happens if he continues to pick up steam, yet can’t make any headway because the super delegates can’t be pried from their establishment cocoon?

And why would they? Hillary has the tentacles ready to snatch any unsuspecting dreamer from ever waking up. It’s no surprise hardly anyone trusts her, yet her supports remains solid at this time. A man much wiser than me once said about a dodgy local official: “He may be a crook, but at least he our crook.” Therein lies the truth about this election. You may think Hillary is dishonest, but on the other hand, she’s tight with all those folks who officially or unofficially make the rules. So why would her supporters, including 202 DNC members, the mainstream broadcast media (except Fox News) and those women who don’t want to die without seeing a female in the White House flip over to Sanders?

Here’s where the Obama administration enters the fray. We all know the President has yet to explicitly endorse anyone. However, Clinton and her empire are, to be sure, under the glaring spotlights of an investigation of her emails, an investigation of her foundation and its direct ties to Clinton’s role as Secretary of State and donations made to the Foundation by numerous foreign governments, and, of course, her ability to play the well-worn political game of mutual back scratching.

For those issues involving the Obama Administration, you only have to hear Hillary aver quite strongly she has all the confidence in the world nothing will come of any of these probes to get the idea she plans to skate to the nomination on the back of the administration’ in action.

This inertia can be thwarted by making Clinton Feel the Bern. Her past alleged misdeeds should not go undisturbed from public view. The Sanders Campaign has show its ability to raise a ruckus among the political elite and cause it to perspire proficiently. It’s now up to the so-called revolutionaries buttressing Bernie’s campaign to make it so unconformable the rats will only have one option: to leave Hillary’s sinking ship.

Eric Blumberg is a former radio news reporter and talk show host who now teaches communications and writing at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City. See

From The Progressive Populist, March 15, 2016

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